Science Exhibition

The Science exhibition is a celebration of the spirit of innovation and sustainable practices. The event brings young minds under the same roof where they can learn from and experience interactive STEAM-based exhibits. Workshops are conducted by MY STEM LAB to promote sustainable practices

What Makes Our Program Unique

MY STEM LAB resource persons spend a day with the students at your school loads of fun-filled exciting activities show casing lots of scientific magic.

  • Trick to blow a 1 m or a 10 m long balloon in one single
  • Scuba Diving Trick
  • Illusions
  • Perception
  • Instant Cooling effect
  • Cloud Formation
  • Cooking in 10 seconds
  • Snow Formation
  • Color Changing Effects
  • Making Elephant Tooth Paste
  • Making an instant Bomb
  • Flying Rockets & Gliders
  • Robotics Games
  • Display of scientific interactive models
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Our Clients

Implement at schools

Implement at schools

Implement at schools