STEM Subscription Kits​​

Our STEM Kit makes science interesting & meaningful for your kid. The innovative fun-filled activities help in developing key skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, and more. The kits help in bridging the learning gap by putting the children at the core of the hands-on experience. Your child develops a scientific temperament and takes the leap from being a “User of technology to an Innovator”.

What Makes Our Program Unique

Curriculum integrated science experiments from grade I to X for CBSE/ICSE/IB/IGCSE/CIE/SSC. Covers all key concepts along with their practical application. How to video, worksheet & assessment for every experiment. Well engineered robotics kit from basic to programming level. Inculcate design thinking and prototyping skills.

  • Concept We explain the concept in easy communicable ways that kids are familiar with.
  • Learning By Doing Hands-on experience to understand & explore various science concepts
  • Practical Application Relate the concept to the real-world applications experienced in daily life.
  • Power Of Play Fun-filled activities make the learning of science and maths enjoyable.

21st Century Future Ready Skills

Critical thinking, adaptability, digital literacy, collaboration, creativity, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, communication, and resilience for success.

Curriculum Integrated Experiments

Integrate hands-on experiments into the curriculum, promoting practical understanding and application of theoretical concepts for students.

Child-Friendly Kits

Develop interactive, age-appropriate kits with educational activities to engage and stimulate children's curiosity and learning effectively.

Concept Animation

Visualizing ideas through dynamic, engaging, and animated graphics to communicate concepts effectively and creatively.

Manuals & Worksheets

Craft user-friendly manuals and worksheets with detailed instructions and structured exercises for seamless learning and application.

How to Videos

Create concise, step-by-step tutorials with clear explanations and visuals to guide viewers through specific tasks effectively.

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Implement at schools

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