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Our Composite Lab is designed to be an inclusive and versatile space, aligning with the diverse learning needs of students from preschool to grade 10. Our lab has a wide range of resources, including laboratory equipment, basic prototyping tools, a 3D printer, and more than 25 tabletop models. Additionally, we provide 16+ Robotics Kits, complemented by instructional how-to videos, worksheets, and manuals available in multiple languages. Whether they are exploring basic scientific principles or engaging with advanced robotics, our lab is committed to making STEM education captivating and accessible.

Our approach

Multiple Education Board

Equipments are aligned according to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, CIE, and SSC guidelines.


These equipment are well tested, ensuring their reliability and performance.


Design your own science experiments across different fields provide hands-on learning.

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