A mesmerizing dance of vibrant colors and shapes, the kaleidoscope enchants with every twist. Mirrors reflect intricate patterns, forming a symphony of ever-changing beauty. A portal to a kaleidoscopic universe, where imagination meets kaleidoscopic wonder.


Ear Model

Marvel at the intricacies of hearing. From the delicate structures to the auditory wonders, it’s a masterpiece of sensory design

Heart model

The epicenter of life’s rhythm, an intricately designed pump orchestrating vitality.

Eye model

Eye models are used in visual science to explain optical phenomena in vision. They can also be used to predict how refraction and aberrations are affected by changes in ocular biometry.

Brain model

This brain model can be dissembled into 8 parts which allows an in-depth study of the human brain from the inside out.

Human body model

The human body model was comprised of two parts: a skeletal structure and deformable skin. The skeletal structure consisted of 56 degrees of freedom

Magical Tap

The floating tap fountain is a clever illusion. It consists of a faucet mysteriously hovering above a pool or basin with an endless supply of water gushing out of it from seemingly nowhere.

Eye model

Nature’s intricate lens capturing existence in 400 characters. Pupil and iris dance, translating light into vivid visions. Retina’s mosaic decodes reality, unveiling the artistry of perception in the delicate design of the human eye.

Water Pump

 Water pump: Mechanical device transporting water. Vital for irrigation and domestic use. Varieties include centrifugal, submersible, and diaphragm pumps.


Tesla coil

A Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit, producing high-voltage, low-current, and high-frequency alternating-current electricity. Often used for demonstrations and entertainment.

Newton’s cradle

Newton’s cradle is a physics toy demonstrating the conservation of momentum and energy. Consisting of suspended metal balls, it visually illustrates kinetic energy transfer.

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