Maker Spaces

Our maker spaces are engaging learning environments that encourage creativity, innovation, and hands-on learning equipped with a range of tools, materials, and resources. Our maker spaces provide a collaborative and supportive environment for students to explore their interests, develop skills, and bring their ideas to life. We have designed our Makerspace such that it helps develop a deeper understanding of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) in a practical and hands-on way with an interdisciplinary Approach.

Our approach

21st Century Future Ready Skills

In hands-on projects, students encounter challenges and develop critical thinking skills Through Problem-Based Learning Approach

Curriculum Integrated Experiments

Integrate hands-on experiments into the curriculum, promoting practical understanding and application of theoretical concepts for students.

Child-Friendly Kits

Develop interactive, age-appropriate kits with educational activities to engage and stimulate children's curiosity and learning effectively.

How it Works

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